Type of Production:   TV Commercial
Post-production:   Ian Dillon

LifeBac wanted us to create a 60-second commercial that showed the benefits of their unique prescription drug alcohol management program. We were able to use eye-catching motion graphics that matched their branding, as well as testimonials and b-roll, to produce a commercial that was extremely effective.

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Ian Dillon

Ian Dillon

Executive Producer

Ian Dillon is the founder of Playroom Creative, a video production company located in Huntington Beach, California. He has twenty-five years experience working as a producer, director, camera operator, editor, and graphics animator for clients of all sizes. His work history has given him the flexibility to master all aspects of the production process, a trait which makes him unique. Ian has full knowledge of video as it relates to the web including leveraging content for SEO and video specifications for social media, a must in this internet driven age of advertising. He is adept at leading a creative team and working under strict deadlines and tight budgets. He has the ability to organize and oversee large scale productions.

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