Industrial Video Production

Type of Production:   Industrial Video Production
Producer:   Ian Dillon

We had an amazing actress today while shooting this industrial video production. Everyone had a great time and the client loved it. This was another fantastic Santa Ana video production service we provided. The key to a successful industrial video production is careful planning and making sure to maintain some sort of entertainment factor in the final product. An industrial video’s primary focus is to educate the viewer about the industry being focussed on. This could be a training video, manufacturing video, or any video of a technical matter. Often times industrial videos can be boring which can lead the viewer to unconsciously miss important information. With careful planning, and creative use of graphics and editing, we will produce an industrial video that will keep the viewers attention and keep them entertained. Call Playroom Creative today to receive a free creative analysis and estimate for your next industrial video.

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Ian Dillon

Ian Dillon

Executive Producer

Ian Dillon is the founder of Playroom Creative, a video production company located in Huntington Beach, California. He has twenty-five years experience working as a producer, director, camera operator, editor, and graphics animator for clients of all sizes. His work history has given him the flexibility to master all aspects of the production process, a trait which makes him unique. Ian has full knowledge of video as it relates to the web including leveraging content for SEO and video specifications for social media, a must in this internet driven age of advertising. He is adept at leading a creative team and working under strict deadlines and tight budgets. He has the ability to organize and oversee large scale productions.

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